same-day crowns in McMinnville

CEREC Same-Day Crowns in McMinnville, Oregon

Restore Your Smile

At our McMinnville, Oregon dental clinic, we have the technology to offer our patients same-day crowns. We find our patients love the results and the convenience. When you need a dental crown, come to All About Smiles Family Dentistry for a same-day crown.

What Are Dental Crowns For?

When you have a cavity, if it’s caught early, our dentist can fix it with a filling. We use composite fillings, not amalgam, so your filling is safer and more aesthetically pleasing. When a cavity is too large for a filling, we may use an inlay or an onlay. But when your cavity it too large for these solutions, the best course of action is to use a crown. Crowns can also be used when a patient has a cracked tooth or after a root canal.
Dentists also use crowns to cover malformed or misshapen teeth for cosmetic purposes, or as part of creating a dental bridge.

What Is The Process For Getting A Crown?

First, your McMinnville dentist will remove any decay from your tooth and complete the work necessary to ready your tooth to receive the crown. The next step is taking an impression of your tooth which will be used to manufacture the crown. With a traditional crown, this impression is sent to a lab, where it may take days or weeks to make your crown. In the meantime, you will have a temporary crown.

Why Patients Love Same-Day Crowns

Today, with the help of CEREC machines, our dentist can manufacture your crown immediately, right here in our dentist office. This saves you the trouble of having to come to a second appointment at our dental clinic. Your procedure will be completed in one visit, while you wait.

Not only are same-day crowns a timesaver, but they are also helpful when you have a special occasion coming up that can’t be postponed, such as a wedding. Although our dentist can fit you with a temporary crown, temporary crowns aren’t as stable as permanent crowns, and the last thing you want is for your crown to fall out when you take a bite of your wedding cake!

It’s better to get the whole procedure done in one day, with your crown safely cemented in place. Especially if you are traveling for your wedding, you don’t want to have a mishap in another location and have to look for a dentist there.

Same-Day Crowns In McMinnville, Oregon

When you find out that you will need to get a crown — or you want a crown to cover a cosmetic issue — make an appointment at our McMinnville dentist office. Only a small number of dentists have CEREC machines, so not any dentist will be able to manufacture a same-day crown for you. You can even call us if your old crown fell out — we can make you a new one on the spot.