What you eat plays a huge role for overall health, but did you know that your diet plays a massive role in the health of your teeth and gums as well? All About Smiles explains that oral health and overall health are connected with the link being gum disease.

Gum Disease Overall and Oral Health

Because gum disease causes bacteria, plaque and tartar the rest of your body is susceptible to it as well. Moreover, that plaque and tartar could be attaching itself to the walls of your blood vessels and the lining in your heart.

According to Dr. Francis Golly, your diet can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy, but it isn’t always the foods you expect that can be bad for teeth.

Below is a list of foods for teeth that should be avoided or limited.

Dried Fruits and Trail Mix

Always a favorite for people on the run, dried fruit and trail mix with sticky goodies will cause problems for oral health.

Because figs, apricots, mangos and other types of dried fruits get stuck between the cracks and crevices it makes it difficult to keep your teeth clean. If you must enjoy rinse with water afterwards to get rid of what you can.

Starchy Foods and Oral Health

Everyone loves a big soft pretzel, everyone except your teeth. Pretzels, chips, cookies, cakes, donuts, bread and other types of starchy foods love to stay behind long after you have had a bite.

All About Smiles recommends rinsing with water or eat as part of a meal. Try brushing your teeth as well if you indulge in too many starchy foods.

Soda and Energy Drinks

Loaded with sugar and acid, soda, including diet, and energy drinks, will damage teeth over time. Add a straw to the mix and you are asking for trouble. A straw allows the sugar and acid to stay on your teeth for longer periods of time.

Energy drinks and soda will also wear away the enamel on your teeth because of the acid and carbonation. Drink more water and your oral health will thank you for it.

Citrus Fruits

Everyone knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are also very good for teeth, but other fruits, not so much.

Keep oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits and Kiwi fruit to a minimum and try to eat as part of a meal to keep the acid at bay. Citrus is notorious for enamel erosion, especially for those who love to suck on lemons.

Oral Health Care McMinnville

The best way to keep your oral health in check is to brush, floss, eat a good diet and schedule regular dental checkups with All About Smiles. Haven’t had one lately? Make an appointment today.

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